After login/register/anonymous the action is not activated

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It seems that the first time you visit the page, you cannot upvote as a guest.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Visit the upvoting page as a guest
2. Click on an upvote
3. Click on 'post anonymously'

The upvote has not been sent. If you click the same button the second time, it works.


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Mike (Upvoty)

Finally fixed 🙌

Mike (Upvoty)

Status changed to: Fixed

Andy Ward

The only way we've found to get Anonymous voting to work is to enable 'Force participants to vote anonymously', which is not really what we wanted. Our use case is that we'd like prospects to vote for certain features as well as customers.

E.g. you might want to expose the Integrations board for public voting get a handle on what integrations are most important for people to want to adopt.


Thanks for the quick response! Hopefully you will get it resolved quickly. Keep up the good work 👊

Mike (Upvoty)

Thanks! 💪

Mike (Upvoty)

Sven, yeah, I know. It's not only with anonymous votes/comment/posting. It's also with accounts. You now first have to register/login and then do the same type of action (post/comment/vote) again. This is a horrible user experience and we're already on it 💪. Expect an update on this next month.

Mike (Upvoty)

Status changed to: Under review