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Sharmistha Mondal

My clients do not know about Upvoty. Hence mail should go from my email ID and branded as the mail is send by me.

  • 18-07-2019 -

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Mike (Upvoty)

We'll now send your users an email from yourname@upvoty.com with your company logo on top of the email. This should work 🙌

Note: we also launch our Zapier integration this month which allows you to completely turn off our emails and email your users yourself with Zapier triggers and actions 🙌

Mike (Upvoty)

Status changed to: Live

Mike (Upvoty)

Yes, totally agree! We will first implement the admin company's logo. Later on we will start working on sending it from your own domain email address 🙌

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Mike (Upvoty)

Status changed to: Planned