Categories & Public Tags


Please built in a category feature within a board that you can attach to a post. For example an 'Ideas' board that has categories for 'Design', 'Frontend', 'Backend' and 'Security'.

An user can filter on one or multiple categories that are relevant to him.


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Mike (Upvoty)

Status changed to: Live

Mike (Upvoty)

Woohoo! You can now make your tags public which will create "categories" for your users. Go to your board's settings and scroll down to public tags.

Mike (Upvoty)

This will add a 'Category' filter on your board where users can filter based on the tags/categories 💪

Mike (Upvoty)

Merged with: Tags visible for users


Yorrick Hardeman

Hi! We would still love to have this feature since we're already using different boards for clients/internal usage and thus can't use boards as categories.