Sort roadmap by number of upvotes


In this view: www.reflection.app/roadmap
I'd love to be able to chose how our roadmap is sorted.
My preference would be to have feature requests with the most upvotes at the top.


Activity Newest / Oldest

Mike (Upvoty)

Status changed to: Planned

Mike (Upvoty)

New ranking setting is in development. You can choose to rank based on top-voted, newest, or oldest. Any other suggestions are welcome.


Lena Hausdorf

also it would be nice to exclude live and closed tickets by default. The tickets with the most votes are often already done. So the information is limited, when sorting by votes. Right now it is quite tiresome to exclude live and closed tickets.

Jon Andre Pedersen

Woop woop! This would be really useful to us.

Mike (Upvoty)

I like this one! We can make a setting for that.

Mike (Upvoty)

Status changed to: Under review